David Clifton
Software Developer

Specialist in medical, embedded, and real-time applications

Experienced with wireless and wired communication protocols, robotic scheduling, data acquisition, instrumentation, and iOS apps

Text queries and support requests to (303) 517 6502


I have developed software professionally for over 30 years, including 25 years real time embedded systems, 10 years wireless communication, 15 years instrumentation and robotics, and 15 years as an independent contractor. Recent accomplishments include new cell modem driver for an existing corrections base station, drivers for a usb mass storage device and other peripherals in a remote seismic instrument, PC software for testing the network protocol of an electrical power meter, modem communication and other firmware for an alcohol monitoring system, and complete firmware for a wireless data acquisition system for bridge diagnostics. Click here to see resume. Click here to download resume.doc, resume.txt.

Services Offered

Consultation on issues related to embedded software development

Remote development of iOS mobile apps