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Hypertext Notepad and Connection Mapping Tool

My first assignment as an embedded software engineer was to reverse engineer the firmware for an automated balance, which was used for doing piece counts of mechanical parts.

The program involved three background tasks, two interrupt routines, and a variety of data structures. It was necessary to develop call-trees for each task and interrupt routine, and show which data structures were accessed by which threads of control.

Luckily, I had just completed an early version of a hypertext editor for the apple ][, and so was able to efficiently deconstruct the program into call trees and data structures.

The editor was based upon hypertext ideas originally published in an article called "As We May Think" by Vannevar Bush in the "Atlantic Monthly".

Ted Nelson was one of the first people to demonstrate a working hypertext program. His article in "Dr. Dobb's journal of computer calisthenics & orthodontia" inspired me to produce the Apple ][ hypertext program in 1983.

That program proved useful enough that I have since ported it to most computers I have used.

Engineers and programmers were among the first occupational groups required to cope with complex interacting systems. But todays world has become so intertwined that nearly everyone is in need of additional ways to track the connections between things.

The NoteWeb app is an iPhone version of the old Apple ][ hypertext application, to which some network mapping features have been added


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