Scriptable Cellular Calculator and Math Assistant for iOS

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Scriptable Cellular Calculator and Math Assistant

After writing a hypertext program, I was struck by the structural similarity between hypertext, spreadsheet formulas, and function call trees.

Looking for another palm-top app for a Psion 3, I implemented a hypertext interface for a cellular calculator.

The concept worked out pretty well on the Psion 3, using arithmetic expression evaluation with floating point numbers, cellnames, and builtin functions.

After porting it to the Windows desktop, with an added scripting language, the next step was to put it onto a phone. The first version went onto a Windows based PocketPC phone. The iPhone has far superior user interface capabilities, so that came next. The script language was simplified and made to look more C-ish.

The result is the MathWeb app which is available from the iOS App Store. Text 303 517 6502 for more information or support.


Screen Shots


Screen Shots